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Umpire Bob Davidson Suspended For 1 Game

"Balkin'" Bob Davidson has been suspended for a game by Major League Baseball for "repeated violations of the Office of the Commissioner's standards for situation handling."


Bob Davidson has a bit of a reputation. Well, two reputations. The first is that he's always on the lookout for balks. Balks to Bob Davidison are like Fraggles to Sprocket. Always looking. Ever vigilant. He will sniff them out.

The other reputation is that he's a ornery sucker. And on Tuesday, he got ornery with Charlie Manuel in Philadelphia:

That, among other things, likely lead to this:

"Situation handling." Yeah, that doesn't seem like one of Davidson's strength. According to Erik Malinowski's excellent profile on Davidson ...

On Aug. 23, 1989, Davidson ejected Youppi!, the Montreal Expos mascot, after repeated complaints from Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. It seems Youppi! had been dancing on top of the Dodgers dugout roof while dressed in a nightgown.

Bob Davidson, everybody! Baseball will be without his services for a day. Which is bittersweet.