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Cyndi Lauper Left Her Mic On, F'n Idiots

Cyndi Lauper was the Grand Marshal for this year's Pegasus Parade at the Kentucky Derby, which is neat by itself. Cyndi Lauper was also surly, and wasn't quite sure how to operate a mic. When asked if her mic was on -- while on live TV, mind you -- Lauper responded with a well-placed f-bomb. Again, on live television. No bleeps.

Also, if you were wondering what Cyndi Lauper was up to, now you know! Be sure to check out that hair!

Not sure what's better here: The f-bomb or the fact that Cyndi Lauper was running the show at a Kentucky Derby parade. Or, perhaps, it's the way she mumbles "of course it's not on, fucking idiot" while her mic was clearly on.

Welcome to the Kentucky Derby, friends!

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