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2012 Kentucky Derby Odds: Union Rags Now Favored; Bodemeister Slips

The Kentucky Derby odds are changing, thanks to early action on the race that has rearranged the contenders. When the morning line was released, Bodemeister was a slim favorite, holding 4-1 odds to Union Rags' 9-2 odds. Now, Union Rags is favored in the race, and Bodemeister has fallen off considerably.

As of now, Bodemeister is in a group at 8-1, joined by Take Charge Indy -- formerly at 15-1 -- and Gemologist -- formerly at 6-1. Union Rags is at 6-1 now, the favorite as the race approaches.

As a reminder, here are the morning line odds. These were released at the same time as the draw:

Daddy Long Legs 30-1
Optimizer 50-1
Take Charge Indy 15-1
Union Rags 9-2
Dullahan 8-1
Bodemeister 4-1
Rousing Sermon 50-1
Creative Cause 12-1
Trinniberg 50-1
Daddy Nose Best 15-1
Alpha 15-1
Prospective 30-1
Went The Day Well 20-1
Hansen 10-1
Gemologist 6-1
El Padrino 20-1
Done Talking 50-1
Sabercat 30-1
I'll Have Another 12-1
Liaison 50-1

Now compare those to the latest odds and a few things emerge.

Daddy Long Legs 26-1
Optimizer 31-1
Take Charge Indy 8-1
Union Rags 6-1
Dullahan 10-1
Bodemeister 8-1
Rousing Sermon 19-1
Creative Cause 12-1
Trinniberg 41-1
Daddy Nose Best 14-1
Alpha 22-1
Prospective 69-1
Went The Day Well 20-1
Hansen 7-1
Gemologist 8-1
El Padrino 33-1
Done Talking 34-1
Sabercat 38-1
I'll Have Another 17-1
Liaison 60-1

It's worth noting these will change, perhaps drastically, as betting begins on Saturday. With action coming in heavy on race-day, it's likely everything goes out the window as the Kentucky Derby nears. But if you're looking for a value bet, Bodemeister has to be enticing right now.

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