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Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 1

The HBO pay-per-view main event between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley got underway after all the dramatics surrounding the delay with both men knowing the first round could set the tone for the entire fight. Both men showed the jab early, with Manny looking to go to the body on occasion.

Bradley was able to land a hard right hand at one point but Pacquiao came back hard with another body shot. Bradley was able to keep his guard up and pick off punches to the head by Pacquiao and Bradley came in with a combination, punctuated with a hard body shot.

It was clear that, at least early, Bradley was determined to counter punch. But Pacquiao was able to land two hard left hands toward the end of the round and one more as the round ended, probably enough to take the round.

Round: 10-9 Pacquiao
Fight: 10-9 Pacquiao

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