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Lance Armstrong Accused Of EPO, Blood Doping In Official USADA Letter

The Wall Street Journal has obtained a copy of the USADA letter sent to Lance Armstrong and his former colleagues that had doping charges brought against them on Wednesday. In the letter, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) outlines the charges that are being brought against Armstrong. Also named in the letter were a litany of doctors and members of the cycling world; Johan Bruyneel, Jose Pepe Marti, Michele Ferrari, Luis Garcia del Moral and Pedro Ceyala.

Armstrong is being accused of using EPO, blood doping, testosterone, corticosteroids, and masking agents to beat doping tests. Others named in the document are accused of administering and trafficking Human Growth Hormone, but Armstrong has not been implicated in use of HGH.

The letter sent to Armstrong and the other individuals intimated that former teammates and associates of those implicated were forthright with their past involvement with doping agents and are willing to testify against Armstrong and company. The letter also states that Armstrong was unwilling to speak with the USADA during their investigation.

Armstrong strongly denied the claims on Wednesday, and maintains that he has never taken part in doping.