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Matt Cain Praises Teammates Following Perfect Game

When a pitcher tosses a perfect game, he becomes the center of attention for understandable reasons. But when the media converged on Matt Cain following his perfect game Wednesday night, he was quick to praise his teammates -- especially catcher Buster Posey.

"I can't thank Buster enough," said Cain, according to "I didn't even question him once. What he was calling, I was going to throw whatever he wanted and I was going to let him go. Buster did an unbelievable job back there. That was tremendous."

Cain was also quick to highlight the defense behind him which made a couple of stellar outfield catches, including one by Gregor Blanco in the seventh inning.

"Obviously we can talk about the sixth inning or the seventh inning, but those were two unbelievable catches," said Cain. "That changes the whole thing. Obviously the defense behind me, the guys were able to give huge run support and I was able to go out and pitch comfortably."

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