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Diamondbacks' Aaron Hill Hits For Cycle

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Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman Aaron Hill hit for the cycle on Monday night, clubbing a solo home run off Seattle's Shawn Kelley in the seventh inning to complete the feat.

Hill started the cycle in the bottom of the first with a ground-ball single, and led off the third with a triple to right field. In the fifth, he dropped something of a dunker in front of left fielder Michael Saunders. Which left him just a home run shy of the cycle ...

You might wonder what the point of a GIF is here. Well, here's the video, with audio provided by Daron Sutton and Mark Grace.

Yeah. Thought you might want to watch the GIF.

Hill is the fifth Diamondback to hit for the cycle, with Kelly Johnson the last one to accomplish it, in 2010. Stephen Drew, Greg Colbrunn, and Luis Gonzalez preceded Johnson.