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Bill Murray, The Best Boss In Baseball

Bill Murray is not only a comedic legend, he's also the co-owner of a minor league baseball team in Charleston. SB Nation traveled to South Carolina to learn more about his love of the game, and what the players think of their boss.

Bill Murray 2
Bill Murray 2

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- As I sit here in this city's airport on an hour of sleep and in a dream-like state, it's sort of hard to believe I just spent the past two days with Bill Murray.

Murray was inducted into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame on Tuesday during a luncheon at the local Marriott hotel. (See video of his speech.) He is co-owner of the Charleston RiverDogs, a Class A affiliate of the New York Yankees, and is a mainstay in the community.

The first day I arrived in Charleston having flown in on a redeye, I went to the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, where the SAL League was holding round one of its home run derby on the carrier. Just as I was about to leave, Murray appeared, wearing a green tie-dye t-shirt, army fatigue shorts and a Caddyshack inspired hat.

He blended in with the crowd, signing everything in sight, taking every photo ... and then he took cuts in the cage. I introduced myself, told him I work for an online YouTube television network, and that we make short documentaries. His response: "That sounds insidious."

I'll be writing a longer story about my trip there within the next few days, but for now, here is the pure joy of both being and being around Bill Murray.

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