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Lance Armstrong Accuses Doping Investigators Of Rules Violations

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Lance Armstrong has filed his response to the doping charges levied by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on June 12. In the written response, Armstrong accuses the USADA of rules violations and breaking federal law in the course of its investigation.

Armstrong was given until Friday, June 22, to file his formal response. Armstrong and his lawyer, Robert Luskin, have been very critical of the USADA following the new allegations. In an earlier letter, Luskin objected to the USADA sitting in on interviews during the federal investigation that concluded in February.

Recently, Armstrong's lawyers said that the USADA was "long on stale allegations disproved long ago and short on evidence." They believe the agency coerced false testimony from former teammates.

Armstrong's case will now go in front of a USADA review board. The cyclist could be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles if found guilty.

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