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Texas A&M linebacker Sean Porter could see decrease in pass rush attempts in new 4-3 defense

Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images
Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images
Getty Images

Sean Porter is on everybody's radar after a 9.5 sack season for the Texas A&M Aggies, who led the nation in sacks.

But with a new coaching staff, the Aggies will be switching from a 3-4 defense, in which Porter played outside linebackers, to a 4-3 defense, in which Porter will be cast in a more traditional role, according to Rotoworld.

While Porter is most valuable as a pass rusher, he does possess enough athleticism to be a traditional standup linebacker. Some will argue that taking away pass-rushing snaps from Porter would be foolish given his dominance in that role, and that's fair. But in terms of Porter's draft stock, this move could be very beneficial.

Porter is already pretty refined as a pass rusher. He proved that last season, and he could smoothly transition to a 3-4 defense. But scheme versatility will only make him more valuable come draft time. Playing in both schemes in college will force Porter to push himself out of his comfort zone and learn how to adapt to change.

Porter's transition will be an interesting one to watch. The Aggies will undoubtedly find a way to get him rushing the quarterback when they need him.

Stay tuned for scouting notes on Porter and plenty of other 2013 prospects throughout the summer.