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Late Rounders Movie: A look inside the NFL Draft

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As a person who loves the NFL Draft, there are times that you wonder what really leads up to the draft. As an outsider or a person that loves football, you might not always understand what a player goes through leading up to the draft. Yesterday, I just happened to click onto Netflix when I was sitting at the house and figured I would watch a movie since it rained all day in Sunny Florida. Well one of the new releases was the movie Late Rounders, it is kind of a documentary/movie about two NFL Agents, who are partners, one is new and one is a 3 year veteran, but neither have a client in the NFL. The agent with 3 years has to get a client in the NFL this year or he loses his certificate to be an NFL Agent. It makes you wonder if the veteran agent will be able to fulfill his role and keep his certificate with the NFLPA.

Late Rounders - Official Trailer HD (via VanguardCinemaInc)

The five players in the video who signed with Hall of Fame Sports Representatives were Corey Peters of the Atlanta Falcons, John Conner aka "The Terminator" of the New York Jets, Aaron Morgan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Alfonso Smith of the Arizona Cardinals and Ray Fisher who was drafted by Indianapolis Colts but is no longer in the NFL. This is a pretty amazing story because it puts you inside the life of these players. You will get to see their families, how the entire draft process works, from Training, to Pro Days all the way up to the NFL Draft. It also shares information about these players families, and upbringing, it is really good to see a great outcome.

You get to watch what the agent does from an inside look, not a Jerry Maguire look. It is real life, you see the tears, you see the excitement and you see the NFL draft process from an inside look. It is pretty amazing! You can see the agent’s hard work and dedication to their players. I have to admit, I thought I knew the process better, but this movie actually makes you feel like you are in the room with the players and their agents. You want to get up and give them a hug, because you learn everything that they had to go through to get to that phone call.

If you have an extra hour and a half and are sitting around on a rainy day like I was yesterday, it is a perfect movie to help you get a better understanding of the draft process. I believe every football fan should watch this movie, especially if you are a draft fan. It is an amazing feeling because 4 of the 5 players are still in the NFL, and are making a good impact for their respected teams. After watching the movie you will see yourself cheering for these players, because of the things they have overcome. I thought I would just share my movie experience with the fans at Mocking the Draft because it truly is a good movie.

Since the 2010 NFL Draft HOF Sports Representatives have added several more NFL football players. Their website is and if you want to follow Agent Greg Linton aka Tripp on twitter, he will always give you some good conversation. His handle is @agentlinton and is he is probably one of the easiest agents in the NFL to approach. It wouldn't be right for me not to tell agent Michael R. Puterbaugh, Esq. who was the agent fighting to keep his certification, great work. It is true, hard work does pay off. The three of players who made it in the NFL are also on Twitter, their handles are @CoreyPeters91 @JConner38 @FonzoAZ46 .