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Mike Tyson Is A Crazy, Awesome Interview

Mike Tyson joined Pardon the Interruption on Monday and we're left with one big question as a result. Great eight minutes of television or greatest eight minutes of television ever? Set some time aside and watch the full interview.

The segment is usually "Five Good Minutes With...," but in this case they probably should've just given Iron Mike an entire show.

At about the 3:45 mark, Tyson starts talking about his relationship with Robin Givens. Their relationship was falling apart, but he had a change of heart and went to reconcile -- he also added that he was still "hittin' it" the entire time. Tyson went to visit Givens at her house to work it out, but when she didn't answer he prepared to go visit his lawyer.

By a stroke of luck -- or something like that -- Givens pulls up in the car Tyson bought her. And in that car was Brad Pitt.

The moral of the story: Brad Pitt's lucky he didn't get his ass beat. And Mike Tyson is crazy in an awesome way.

There's more, so just watch the whole eight minutes. It's worth it.