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The Odd Night Of Alex Cobb

Alex Cobb pitched a complete game for the Tampa Bay Rays! Good for him! Alex Cobb also allowed eight runs on 113 pitches.

This was the 455th time in major-league history that someone's pitched a complete game after allowing eight runs or more. The last to do it was Randy Johnson in 1998.

More importantly, most of the people who've done it were old-timey pitchers, which means we get some awesome names. The top-ten names among pitchers who allowed at least eight runs in a complete game:

10. Boom-Boom Beck
9. Sloppy Thurston
8. Socks Seibold
7. Bullet Joe Bush
6. Shovel Hodge
5. Cy Slapnicka
4. Lil Stoner
3. Urban Shocker
2. General Crowder
1. Phil Collins