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Yasel Puig Contract Worth $42 Million

If you're like most baseball fans, you woke this morning without any clue who Yasel Puig was. Or, perhaps you read the FanGraphs article from yesterday, and you heard about him for the first time. Maybe you hoped your team would be one of the ones poking around. The more prospects the better, right?

Except I'm not sure anyone saw this coming:

Unless the physical reveals that he's missing ligaments, R.A. Dickey-style, this deal will go through. And it's a huge deal -- the biggest for a Cuban free agent in baseball history. There were reports that his scouting sessions were underwhelming, and he certainly didn't make a workout video to the smooth jams of Christoper Cross, so the amount is a bit of a shock. But according to Heyman, it shouldn't be.

Wasn't even his highest offer? Wow. You probably didn't know much about Puig when you woke up today, but for $42 million, you'll certainly hear and read a lot about him over the next few years, regardless of how successful he is.