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Yasel Puig Dodgers Deal Could Be Finalized Friday

Yasel Puig, a Cuban-born outfielder, will shortly be signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers to a seven-year, $42 million contract. This, you already know. Now, thanks to Dodgers beat writer Dylan Hernandez, we have a few more details:

Hernandez also tweeted that Puig’s deal allows him to opt out and go to arbitration after three years of MLB service time. Also, there’s some brave talk from Puig’s agent:

Agent thinks Puig could play in the majors this year, but ‪#Dodgers‬ aren’t counting on that. Could be a year or two away.

Pretty optimistic, that agent, about a 20-year-old coming to a new country and culture.

Incidentally, presuming Puig makes it, he won’t be the first MLB player with that unusual surname. Rich Puig played in four games for the 1974 Mets, going 0-for-10.

Presumably, Yasel Puig will do better than that for the Dodgers. For $42 million, they’d better hope so.

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