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Ryan Howard 2-For-4 In First Rehab Game

The last time Ryan Howard saw game action, he had to be carted off the field after making the last out of the Phillies' division series loss to the Cardinals and blowing out his Achilles. It might have been the most unfortunate ending to a season in baseball history. But he's back on a rehab assignment, and he's already annoying the minor-league pitchers in the Sally.

Howard was 2-for-4 with two singles in his first game back, and he drove in three runs as the DH. You can judge the quality of his singles for yourself:

He talked to CSN Philly about the game:

"My focus was to get one run home and let ‘Big Duff’ take care of the rest," Howard said. "I told him before he even went up there, I said, ‘Hey, be ready to win this game, man.’ I just went up there and did my thing, and he came through."

"Big Duff" is Chris Duffy, which got me all excited until I realized it wasn't this Chris Duffy, but rather a 24-year-old first baseman.

Because Howard has started his rehab assignment, he has to rejoin the Phillies within 20 days.