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I'll Have Another Bravely Remains A Horse In The Face Of Adversity

The running of the 2012 Belmont Stakes is less than a week away and the country is eagerly anticipating the big race. The team responsible for shepherding I'll Have Another during his quest for the first Triple Crown in 30-plus years has been running into all manner of problems, hang-ups and headaches. Luckily for I'll Have Another, he is a horse.

The Associated Press reports that the I'll Have Another camp has had to deal with a traffic jam, a suspended head trainer, a constantly changing field of opponents and a banned nasal strip. In spite of all of it, I'll Have Another continues to remain unaffected, bravely going through his workouts when his jockey climbs atop him and urges him to run.

It's possible this is because I'll Have Another is a horse. To date, no horse has ever been unduly affected by traffic jams and the politics of governing commissions. It is possible that, someday, a horse may be affected by these things, but it will not be this horse; not on this day.

When reached for comment, I'll Have Another doesn't speak human words.

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