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Tommy Lasorda Hoping For Wednesday Release

The story of how Tommy Lasorda ended up in the hospital after a heart attack is more unusual than you might think. It took some cajoling from Bud Selig to get Lasorda checked out. From Jon Heyman:

... when commissioner Bud Selig heard him complain about not feeling well at the draft Monday night, Selig insisted Lasorda be taken for testing to a hospital near the Secaucus, N.J., studio where the draft was held. Lasorda was sent from there to New York's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where it was determined he had had a heart attack. A stent was implanted to relieve what was said to have been extensive blockage in one artery. Tuesday, he was back to joking.

The 84-year-old Lasorda was optimistic that he would be released on Wednesday after the mild heart attack. And that's the story of how Bud Selig saved the life of Tommy Lasorda, which is a sentence you probably weren't expecting to read yesterday.