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Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Randall Bailey Knocks Out Mike Jones In Eleven

Randall Bailey has been around the block once or twice in his long career, and was getting what was likely his last shot at a world title when he faced Mike Jones on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley. Jones is a Top Rank fighter who was being put in the position to be "showcased" and possibly win his first ever world title.

Bailey is known as a huge puncher with limited skills in other areas of the sport, while Jones is a tall boxer with oddly short arms for his frame. The fight was set to be a battle of Jones' motion and jab against Bailey trying to cut off the ring and land the knockout blow.

Jones came out in the early rounds showing far too much respect for Bailey's power. Not just looking to defend, but refusing to engage through the first two rounds. Bailey was able to win those rounds on the HBO scorecards just by walking forward and trying to do something.

Jones started opening up a bit more in the third and picked up the pace even more in the early part of round four. But the biggest storyline of the fight was that it was bad, bordering on unwatchable at times. For a guy like Jones who is supposed to be "showcased" it was a horrible way for the fight to go. And the HBO commentary crew did him no favors, ripping the fight as "unwatchable" and "horrible."

The majority of the fight remained "unwatchable" until suddenly, in the tenth round, Bailey landed a big right hand that sent Jones crashing to the canvas. He was able to get up and survive the short amount of time before the end of the round, but it perked the crowd up.

Jones looked like he was fine in the eleventh, fighting well throughout the round until suddenly Bailey uncorked a huge uppercut and knocked Jones down again. Jones appeared out, then tried to get up but fell back down and it was all over.

It was a great moment after a horrible fight for Randall Bailey who pulled off a shocking upset to win a welterweight title. Bailey was unable to speak for moments after the fight because he was in tears, a 37 year-old former champion, once more wearing gold around his waist.