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Everybody's Chillin' At The Nokia Pre-Party (It's Awesome)

What happens when a PR agency sends out a form-tweet to athletes, asking them to promote their event? Pretty hilarious things. Everybody is chillin' at the ESPYS Nokia Pre-Party, you guys. And it's awesome.

There's the deleted tweet that started this whole thing:


via USA Today / Michael Katz

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Jackson dumped that tweet for pretty obvious reasons. But that didn't stop a few others from climbing aboard the pre-party express. These tweets look a bit dubious ...

Sizzle is ballin' so hard at the party and made the tweet his own:

Notice the quotes before and after. At least Young and Spikes took out the request to tweet. But they still forgot to take the quotes off the tweet itself.

And Von Miller was a bit less obvious:

Then we have Jackson's redemption:

Mike Robinson went a similar route:

Whatever, let's just dump 'em all.

This is social media #strat gone wrong. It's nice to package a tweet, but telling the athletes what to send word-for-word isn't really the way to go.