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How Many Bikes Does A Weight Thrower Need?

One would think a member of the Iowa State Track and Field team would have no need for bicycles. After all, the man in question, Collin Fett, is a weight thrower. He shouldn't need a bike.

No, friends, he needs 40-plus bikes. All stolen. This caper is so stupid.

Really, this is a thing that happened.

According to court documents, Collin Fett admitted to using a bolt cutter to take the bikes.

Iowa State University police officers said they found 40 bikes in Fett's basement.

Fett was running around Ames, allegedly stealing every bike in sight. If he had 40 in his basement (!!!), how many had he taken (allegedly) up to that point? Triple-digit bike thievery? Anything is possible, y'all.

We'll give him this: Fett was flipping the bikes on Craiglist, because Craiglist is a perfect place to pass off stolen goods. And yet, here we are, staring at a news story that involves, like, every stolen bike in Ames.