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This Week In GIFs Results: 'Water Bottle' Sprints To Victory

Week 11 of This Week In GIFs saw one of the most closely-contested polls to date. Prince Fielder's graceless slide and Chris Paul's absolute sonning of Anthony Davis made strong efforts, but the winner, with 216 votes (27 percent of the vote), is ...



I suspected that this guy deserved to win, and y'all agreed. I mean, look. These guys are peak athletes, they're surely exhausted, and they're suffering one of many grueling hill climbs. And their pace is matched by ... a guy in a water bottle suit. Cycling is the most demoralizing sport by leaps and bounds.

While we were on the subject of water bottles, I decided to ask a very important question ...

do you guys think it’s important to stay hydrated y/n

... and you people gave me terrific advice:

Alcohol dehydrates you.
Always have one glass of water for every drink you have at the bar.

- Internet subscriber DrugBust

Your body is like 99.5% water anyway, right? What good is one extra bottle going to do you?

- Internet subscriber WastelandHound

But drinking a lot of water means a lot of bathroom breaks too. There is always a trade off. Really there should be a guy in a toilet suit reminding you also to go to the bathroom.

- Internet subscriber BleauxJays

This is a sad day
It looks like Big Water has gotten to you, Jon.

- Internet subscriber DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver

I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that I do not take, and have never taken, money from the influential and corrupt "you should drink water" lobby. I would never compromise the integrity of an enterprise as important as THIS WEEK IN GIFs.

And lastly, a teaser: the next two THIS WEEK IN GIFs competitions will be 100-percent Summer Olympics editions. I am excited! Anyway, thanks for voting, everyone. Until next time.