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John Danks Having Surgery, Out For Season

I'm going to pass this along from a John Danks update on June 18:

Danks told the media that he had been diagnosed with a Grade 1 subscapularis tendon tear in his left shoulder[...]

After finding out the diagnosis, Danks said that he was assured by Dr. Nicholson surgery wouldn't be necessary.

Tear, no surgery. Fast-forward. It's July 31.

Surgery. Danks hasn't recovered as he and the White Sox would've liked, so now Danks will go under the knife and miss the rest of the 2012 season. He'll try to be at full strength by the start of 2013 although that's not a guarantee.

Danks last started for the White Sox on May 19 and the team's still in first place in the AL Central, so losing Danks for the remainder is hardly a devastating blow. What's important now is getting Danks back to health so that he can have a successful rest of his career. The lefty's just 27, and he's signed through 2016 for millions and millions and millions of dollars.