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Tyrann Mathieu Dismissed Due To Failed Drug Test, According To Reports

Though there have been rumors of a failed drug test -- or multiple failed drug tests -- leading up to Tyrann Mathieu's dismissal from the LSU football team, we still weren't exactly sure why Les Miles sent him packing on Friday. Now though, the Times-Picayne is confirming those rumors, reporting that Mathieu was indeed dismissed due to a failed drug test.

The report cites a source close to Mathieu.

The Honey Badger's days at LSU are done. The Tiger's All American cornerback and Heisman finalist Tyrann Mathieu has been dismissed from the team because of a failed drug test, a source close to Mathieu said Friday.

It's not a shock at all, as Mathieu was suspended last season for failing a drug test. It's likely that multiple failed drug tests led to the dismissal, which would fall in line with LSU's drug policy.

It remains unknown where Mathieu may transfer, though it's likely he'll move down a level, to FCS, in an effort to play immediately.

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