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Tyrann Mathieu Visited McNeese State On Friday, Coach Says

Tyrann Mathieu's alleged visit to McNeese State on Friday, just hours after his dismissal from LSU, now has significant substantiation in the form of McNeese State coach Matt Viator telling the Associated Press as much in a statement.

"I received a call from Tyrann after practice on Friday that he wanted to come and meet with us," said Viator. "We contacted LSU to get permission to talk to him and he arrived on campus later that night. We visited for an hour-and-a-half and then he went back home to New Orleans."

McNeese State doesn't exactly have a golden ticket to the NFL in its pocket, but it's an FCS school where Mathieu would be eligible to play in 2012, and Mathieu is better off playing somewhere than languishing at home for the fall.

McNeese State being in Louisiana might help and hurt Mathieu, though, as the Honey Badger's proximity to folks from New Orleans, where he grew up, was not exactly ideal at LSU.

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