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Marc Gasol Has Four Fouls, And That's Huge

Spain's upset bid in the gold-medal game against Team USA in London is in big trouble thanks to Marc Gasol's fourth foul. The Memphis Grizzlies' center picked up his third midway through the second quarter, and yet, he was still allowed to stay in the game. One minute later, at the 5:29 mark, he got ticked for a fourth, jostling for position on a rebound, and now, we probably won't see him for a while.

Keep in mind: Five fouls disqualifies you in international competition.

The immediate question: Was it right to leave Gasol in the game after he picked up his third foul? There's been a big push recently for coaches to allow their stars to play through foul trouble, because keeping him on the bench provides the same effect as him picking up another foul and sitting anyway. However, in FIBA play, where the referees call more fouls and are notoriously inconsistent, it probably would have been smarter to get Gasol out of there right away.

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