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ESPN Celebrates Tim Tebow's Birthday With Expected Restraint

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Did you know that it was Tim Tebow's birthday? Yep, the greatest living human person turned 25 on Tuesday, August 14, 2012. ESPN marked the occasion by going all Fox & Friends, strapping on party hats and opening gifts in Tebow's honor. Seriously. Have a look.


via (h/t to Brian Withering)

This may or may not have been done with a sarcastic bent, we're told. Regardless, the amount of air time devoted to Tebow's birthday on Wednesday makes it hard to discern just what meaning they have wrapped up in this segment. Because this is ESPN, we can probably discount the notion of the bit as a meta commentary on the network's obsession with shirtless wildcat quarterbacks running in the rain.

Scroll through your Twitter feed for a small taste of outrage at Bristol's extensive Tebow birthday coverage, wedged in between even more birthday wishes for the most important backup quarterback in the world.