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Did Pesky hold the ball?

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Somehow Johnny Pesky became the co-goat (along with Ted Williams) of the 1946 World Series, all because of this Game 7 play in which he supposedly held the ball, allowing Enos Slaughter to score and Harry Walker to cruise to second with a double.

After the jump, Joe Posnanski's take on that clip ...

Here's Joe:

1. Walker was on second base when Pesky got the throw, so the idea that Pesky could have thrown him out is ludicrous.

2. Pesky may have double-clutched on the throw, perhaps to get a grip of the ball, but he certainly did not hold on to it.

3. It would not have mattered, Pesky was not going to throw out Enos Slaughter on that play.

Basically, everyone who's ever studied this play with any sophistication has come to the same conclusion: There was nothing that Pesky could have done to prevent Walker from doubling and Slaughter from scoring the lead run.