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Deion Sanders Names High School Mascot The 'Winning,' Thousands Groan

Hall of Famer "Neon" Deion "Prime Time" Sanders knows a thing or two about nicknames. So when he unveiled the mascot name for his Prime Prep Academy in Texas, people probably expected something pretty awesome and over-the-top, just like Sanders was during his career (and remains in retirement). Maybe something like "The Bounty Hunters," or "The Ruthless Football Assassins, or "The Fightin' Hand Grenades" or something. I don't think anyone counted on him naming the team after a year-old meme of which everyone is already completely sick.

Cameron Smith of Yahoo! Sports reports that Sanders has christened his new team simply: "Winning."

"Our mascot is winning ... we don't care about mascots ... Our kids are going to look good and preferably they're going to perform good. But the best thing about it is they're going to be educated."

"We don't care about mascots" is almost good enough to become the new "We talkin' about practice, man."

Well, best of luck to the Prime Prep Academy Winning. I fear for the children who will attend the school, and the mockery they will most assuredly endure. This is kind of like naming your school mascot the "Oh, Behaves," or the "My Name Borat I Like To Make Sexytimes In U.S. and As."

Brief personal anecdote: My high school mascot was the Cowboys. For a brief period in the mid-1990s, there was serious talk of getting a new mascot, due to the inherent gender exclusion prevalent in "Cowboys." The lead candidate for a good long while? "The Rainbows."

That would have been way, WAY better than the Winning.