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VIDEO: Jackson Generals React To Felix Hernandez Perfect Game

This is, quite simply, awesome. We've seen the reactions from Safeco Field to Felix Hernandez's perfect game. We've seen the team celebrate, Hernandez all giddy and the fans delirious with joy. But the reaction of the Jackson Generals, the Mariners' Double-A affiliate, was pretty outstanding, too.

Felix's gem was being shown on the Jumbotron out in centerfield as the team went through warmups. You can hear the bats cracking and players working out as the game plays in the background. But as Felix nears the final out, the team gathers near the big screen to get a better view.

And then it happens.

There's context that goes along with this. Felix's brother, Moises, plays for the Generals. He was at the park, watching his brother pitch an absolute gem. And he was among those who were absolutely beside themselves as Felix recorded the final out.

It's pretty awesome to see the minor leaguers sharing in the joy of a big-league perfect game. It's days like today that remind you how awesome baseball is.