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Watch Every Out Of Felix Hernandez's Perfect Game

Don't have time to find and watch a full replay of Felix Hernandez throwing a perfect game? Good news! You can watch every single out of Wednesday's gem, thanks to That's every ball put into play and every strikeout pitch, from one to 27. And it's all in a handy six-minute video.

So sit back and enjoy the Felix show, in condensed form:

It's very interesting to see how his day progresses in hindsight and in this form. The game actually starts off with a hard-hit ball to right-center that takes a leaping catch to haul in. And early on, the Tampa Bay Rays were putting balls into play.

But once Felix hits his groove, it's all over. The strikeouts start coming en masse, the balls in play are weakly hit and the Rays look pretty helpless. And that eighth inning? Well, that eighth inning was something else, and worth the time to watch alone.

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