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Kobe, LeBron Seem Super Excited To See Kevin Durant's Movie

Oh my God, Thunderstruck, the movie starring Kevin Durant as himself, is the most twee thing ever created. And its Sunday premiere in Oklahoma City has given us Kevin Durant interviews about himself, which are by default filled with phenomenal modesty swag. But the best bit is how KD describes talking to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, the biggest stars on the planet, about Durantula's Hollywood turn.

From John Rohde's Q&A in The Oklahoman:

Did Kobe Bryant or LeBron James give you grief about being in a movie?

"Not really. They asked me about it once or twice. I just told them I was in one and they said, 'OK.' Hopefully, they'll take their kids to see it and hopefully they enjoy it.

"I just told I was in one and they said, 'OK'" is the most Kevin Durant quote in history. There is no out Kevin Duranting that Kevin Durant quote.