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Rams Prepare To Break Fake Mustache World Record

Fake mustaches are the thing in St. Louis. At least according to the Rams TV broadcast team of Andrew Siciliano, Ross Tucker and Marshall Faulk. There were roughly half a dozen fake mustache references from the Rams broadcast network in the 31-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Apparently, the thing in St. Louis these days is a fake Jeff Fisher mustache. It's so much of a thing that in the Rams home opener against the Washington Redskins they will attempt to set a new world record for the most fake mustaches in one place at the same time.

"We've actually filed paperwork with Guiness and we're going to blow that away," Brian Killingsworth, the Rams VP marketing and brand strategy and the man who is going all-in on fake mustaches, said of the current record of 227 fake mustaches in one place at the same time.

For your viewing pleasure, here's a screen shot of the broadcast team adorning fake mustaches: