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GIF Tournament II: 'Damn It, Astros' Vs. 'Clinton Moore's Dirtbike'

Monday, the eight greatest animated GIFs of the summer battle for superiority. Help us decide by voting in the most important election of 2012.




(8) Ugh. Hey again. My name is DAMN IT, ASTROS.


First round: 528 votes (77 percent)
Second round: 595 votes (68 percent)
Bid: At-large
This Week In GIFs finish: N/A
Critical reviews from Round 2:

What's weird about the Astros gif
is that the 1B is the only one majorly fucking up. It's his world, everyone else in the GIF is just trying to deal with it.

- Valued Internet subscriber mtknowles

#16 seals it
Otherwise, it's just whoops, minor collision, but that's just when the wheels come off.

I'd refer to him by name if I knew the name of anyone on the Astros. Wait, they have Brett Myers, right?

- Valued internet subscriber ScottyRayJ

Imagine the impact of Damn it, Astros
This play basically handed the Nats a win in extra innings. If they make the play & the Astros end up winning the game... if the Nats miss the playoffs by one game... everybody blames it on them shutting down Strasburg... Mike Rizzo loses his job... angry Nats players abandon the team... Strasburg and Harper refuse to sign when they become free agent elibible... The Yankees sign both... There are riots up and down the east coast... Boston raises a militia and attacks New York... America descends into Civil War II - Boston vs. NY vs. California vs. the entire south... China becomes the new unquestioned world power... we all live in a world of incredibly cheap knock-offs of Apple products...

What I'm saying is, Damn it, Astros basically saved civilization as we know it. I think that should give it a slight advantage in this tournament.

- Valued Internet subscriber WastelandHound

(13) You know my name. I am CLINTON MOORE'S DIRTBIKE.


First round: 319 votes (56 percent)
Second round: 397 votes (52 percent)
Bid: At-large
This Week In GIFs finish: 2nd
Critical reviews from Round 2:

they just pulled him from the stands right after he shotgunned a couple Miller High Life Lights. the guy had never so much as played ExciteBike 64, let alone touched a real motor bike before. not his fault

- Valued Internet subscriber Area Sports Athlete

I like that it says Moto X best trick at the top of the screen
I guess running over a guy with his own dirt bike is a pretty good trick. Some would even call it the best trick.

- Valued Internet subscriber babaoreally