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Does Melky's Web Scheme Mean Bigger Penalty?

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Hey, remember when Melky Cabrera failed a drug test? And then made up a whole Website while trying to claim that he didn't know the drug he took was a no-no? That was awesome.

Well, unless his 50-game suspension is supplemented. Which it might be, according to Jon Heyman:

MLB will weigh whether to add to Cabrera's 50-game ban after he and his handler were caught creating a phony website and just-as-phony supplement in a fradulent attempt to avoid penalty after he failed an MLB drug test for testosterone.

"All options are in play with this situation,'' a source said regarding the question as to whether Cabrera could receive an additional penalty for trying to perpetrate a hoax on MLB.

It would be nice to know what this source's sources are. We've not seen the complete Collective Bargaining Agreement, so it's hard to know if there really is a provision that covers cover-ups.

In a just world, though? Yes, there would be some additional punishment. Whether for Cabrera, or his "handler" or the agents who employ his handler.

Or, perhaps most just of all, the whole lot of them.