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Finally, Pop Tarts With College Football Logos

Sure, you're a college football fan. You've got all the paraphernalia, you go to every game and if you're the true upper echelon of fan, you've even been to the school. But if you're a real fan, you'd cram your face with any sort of toaster pastry that had your school's logo crudely emblazoned on the frosting. Well you're in luck, pal. This fall, you'll finally be able to put your fandom where your mouth is. By which I mean your mouth.

World-renowned journalist Darren Rovell of ESPN dropped this bombshell on Monday:

He even has a picture of the North Carolina Tar Heels packaging, which will accompany a flavor called "Tar Heel Berry." Which is probably the most appetizing name for a college-themed food product since USC released those "Trojan Blasters" Fruit Gushers.

Just guessing the names of the other four flavors:

- Ala-JAM-a

- Michi-JAM

- University of Geor-JAM

- Florida Gators "Big House" Slammer-JAM

Twitter is always running wild with jokes, but here are some flavors we'd like to see:

Syracuse Orange Orange: The favorite breakfast of people who play zone defense. Imagine how gross an orange-filling Pop Tart would be. If you don't think that sounds gross, you probably root for Syracuse.

Auburn Tigers Thai Chili Challenge: Think you've got the stones to eat this one, kemosabe? Why don't you man up and strap on a man's breakfast? This one'll have you screamin' WAR DAMN PASTRY.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Breakfast: Filled with rich Irish cream, this one will get you so amped up for the day that you'll be ready to punch a cop! Then you'll punch a cop.

TCU Horned Frogs "Special Recipe": This one is obviously just crammed full of drugs.

For all news and information regarding the wild world of college football, please stay tuned to SB Nation's dedicated NCAA football hub.