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ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe: Deport Melky Cabrera

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Former major-league pitcher Rick Sutcliffe, now a baseball analyst for ESPN, minced no words Monday when discussing the Melky Cabrera situation. He was quoted by USA Today’s Mike Foss:

“First of all this guy is over here in the United States on a working visa and he broke the law, what’s he still doing here?” Sutcliffe said on ESPN Radio. “Forget the 50 game suspension from baseball, why is he still here? That visa should be taken away and he should not be allowed to play over here again or work here again.”

It seems unclear as of now whether any U.S. laws were actually broken by Cabrera’s PED use, or the website scheme he and some colleagues began to try to cover up that use. Melky has not been charged with any crime, although Foss’s article suggests “federal authorities” are still interested in the incident.

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