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GIF Tournament II: The Championship

Thanks to some shocking upsets, David Robinson and Buck Showalter meet in the championship round of GIF Tournament II. Today, we decide which GIF achieves immortality. Cast your vote, and help us crown a champion.


I'm honored to bring you the championship round of GIF TOURNAMENT II. Over the last seven days, we've cut a field of 32 animated sports GIFs to the two we see before us this morning.

Tuesday, to say the least, was full of drama. On one hand, WONDER DAN -- the tournament's top overall seed -- was eliminated by another "1990s basketball star eating food in the crowd" GIF, DAVID ROBINSON GIFBOMB. It was a sizable upset, especially seeing as GIFBOMB has never been vetted in a This Week In GIFs competition.

Meanwhile, in what is probably the closest vote in the history of SB Nation, BUCK SHOWALTER managed to claw his way past DAMN IT, ASTROS. Unbelievably, the voting ended 829-822 -- a margin of only seven votes. ASTROS was my favorite GIF in the tournament, and honestly ... I did not take the news well. I was devastated on both a personal and professional level.

But I am ready to move forward. We have two terrific GIFs in front of us today, either of which could very well be voted champion. Only one, however, can achieve immortality.

As an aside: it is rather interesting that the Final Four consisted of one GIF of athletes screwing up terribly, and three GIFs of people who aren't even playing sports. And in the championship, we have two men sitting at the sidelines who have been in the national spotlight for over 20 years.

Anyway. This poll will remain open until tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern. And remember: the tournament doesn't quite end today, as we have a MYSTERY BONUS ROUND tomorrow. Good luck, everyone, and vote safely.





Created by @bubbaprog
First round: 704 votes (65 percent)
Second round: 519 votes (70 percent)
Third round: 484 votes (57 percent)
Fourth round: 697 votes (56 percent)
Bid: At-large
This Week In GIFs finish: N/A
Critical reviews from Round 4:

Just noticed
On the 100th viewing, that right before GIFBOMB LADY stands up, the Admiral's eyes close. As if to say, "D' it goes...."

- Valued Internet subscriber kckicker23

Although both are eating, Robinson is a Noted Snack Enthusiast. Pushes him ahead, as Wonder Dan may only be a casual snacker.

- Valued Internet subscriber lucierrc

The Admiral
There is one hidden element of the Admiral GIF that gets overlooked. Turn your attention to the true protagonist, the gentleman behind the Admiral (David Robinson is just an object in this story, his stoicism evident) who is having trouble seeing only to have his view further obstructed. His lips slightly part, having finally summoned the courage after 39:30 of internal conflict over how to challenge a 6'11" monster and ask David Robinson to duck so that he can watch the final 30 seconds and feel like. Then, our antagonist rises like a phoenix and all our protagonist can do is lift his head higher and accept his fate.

- Valued Internet subscriber samuelrweaver



First round: 430 votes (73 percent)
Second round: 528 votes (79 percent)
Third round: 507 votes (66 percent)
Fourth round: 829 votes (50.2 percent)
Bid: Automatic
This Week In GIFs finish: 1st
Critical reviews from Round 4:

Rebuffed Buck Showalter
is a .gif 't from above.

- Valued Internet subscriber sperren

All of us who voted for Buck must be really celebrating right now.
High fives!



- Valued Internet subscriber nickjs21

This gif is just so good. I can see it being used to accentuate rather embarrassing situations for years from now

- Valued Internet subscriber mtknowles