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Brian Urlacher's Knee Injury Reportedly Treated In Europe

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher reportedly sought treatment for his injured left knee in Europe, according to the Chicago Tribune's Mike Mulligan. According to Mulligan, Urlacher went to Europe in late-May or early-June for alternative treatment on the knee injury that is threatening to keep him off the field as the season inches closer.

Mulligan's sources aren't concrete on whether or not Urlacher was treated by the German doctor Peter Wehling, who is credited with pioneering the "Regenokine therapy" famously used by Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez. A Bears spokesperson also chose not to confirm or deny Mulligan's report.

Urlacher has participated in six days of training camp so far in 2012, but has not played in any of Chicago's preseason games. He has continued to maintain that he will be ready for the team's Week 1 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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