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Lance Armstrong Officially Stripped Of Tour de France Titles By USADA, Banned For Life

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In a move that was expected after Lance Armstrong's Thursday night decision to drop his fight against doping charges, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency officially announced on Friday that they have stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and the cyclist has been banned for life from the sport.

"Nobody wins when an athlete decides to cheat with dangerous performance enhancing drugs, but clean athletes at every level expect those of us here on their behalf, to pursue the truth to ensure the win-at-all-cost culture does not permanently overtake fair, honest competition" said USADA CEO, Travis T. Tygart in the statement. "Any time we have overwhelming proof of doping, our mandate is to initiate the case through the process and see it to conclusion as was done in this case."

In the statement, USADA claims to have overwhelming evidence against Armstrong, including proof of the "use of prohibited substances," the "possession of prohibited substances," and the "trafficking of EPO, testosterone, and corticosteroids," along with other violations.

The sanctions against Armstrong will immediately be put in to place.

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