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Temple Football Is The Hero The Big East Deserves

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The Temple Owls are flying high (bird term) heading into the 2012 college football season. They're riding an unstoppable wave of momentum after picking up their record-breaking second bowl game win in just 32 years. Now Owls fans have decided that they're the put-upon heroes of the common man and have released a hype video to that effect. Check out their copyright-infringing, Dark Knight Rises-sampling "trailer" after the jump.

This video is confusing at best. They're the Owls, not the Bats, so I guess this trailer makes them ... Owlman? Maybe they should have sampled the Watchmen trailer instead. That would have been even more fitting since nobody saw Watchmen ... just like Temple football!

Also, the bulk of the video seems to position the Owls as Batman, but then at the end, they sync up Bane's voice with head coach Steve Addazio. So ... I guess Temple is the protagonist of this college season, but their own head coach is the villain? How does that makes sense? Is the team going to have to overcome their own coaching to emerge victorious? This is some subversive crap, man.

I think the most important thing to remember here is that HOOT HOO HOOT

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