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MTDs YouTube Channel Update

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With the 2012 college football season set to start this week, we wanted to share the last of our prospect videos from the 2011 season. Like a car dealer turning over inventory for the new years model. We have 78 games available on our YouTube account, but for this update we are going to take a look at Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M, USC vs Arizona State, South Carolina vs Arkansas, and Michigan vs Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. First up is Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M:

With Texas A&M off to the SEC, this is now a former Big 12 matchup that featured two 2012 first round QBs. Tannehill was eventually drafted 14 spots ahead of Weeden, but Weeden and the Cowboys won out this day. Though not all of them his fault, Tannehill's three INTs and four turnovers overall that gave Oklahoma State the edge in the end. Weeden completed as many passes (47) as Tannehill attempted and those attempts were contested on most plays by Cowboys CB duo Brodrick Brown and Justin Gilbert. Each of them were very active tacklers, each had an INT, and Brown tipped the final INT that ended the game. Brown is small (listed 5'8"), but unafraid of contact and Gilbert has the size (6' 205) and is athletically gifted enough to also be the kick returner. Aggie LB Sean Porter shined individually racking up 8 tackles, 2 TFL, and 2 sacks. Someone to keep on eye on along with Porter is underclassman Damontre Moore who consistently got pressure on Weeden while compiling a similar stat line to Porter's, less a sack.

Prospects to Watch:

Oklahoma State: RB #1 Joesph Randle, WR #87 Tracy Moore, OL #68 Lane Taylor, DB #19 Brodrick Brown, DB #4 Justin Gilbert

2012 Draftees: WR #81 Justin Blackmon (5th overall, Jaguars), QB #3 Brandon Weeden (22nd overall, Browns), S #10 Markelle Martin (190th overall, Titans)

Texas A&M: OL #76 Luke Joeckel, OL #75 Jake Matthews, WR #25 Ryan Swope, RB #33 Christine Michael, LB #10 Sean Porter, LB/DE #94 Damontre Moore

2012 Draftees: QB #17 Ryan Tannehill (8th overall, Dolphins), K #28 Randy Bullock (161st overall, Texans), RB #32 Cyrus Gray (182nd overall, Chiefs), DB #7 Terrence Fredrick (246th overall, Steelers)

While Texas A&M was able to keep it close after 4 turnovers, the Trojan's four kept them from achieving even that much. The inability to extend drives on 3rd down also contributed to the Trojan's defeat at the hands of the Sun Devils. Matt Barkley continues to be one of the most technically sound QB prospects for the 2013 season, but he is not without his flaws. Barkley struggled with his deep ball accuracy all night, connecting on only 3 of 8 passes that traveled more than 15 yards in the air. The Trojan's WR duo of Woods and Lee look impressive even with the overall struggles of the offense. Arizona State had its own dynamic duo in Cameron Marshall and Jamal Miles. Marshall ran wild on USC including three touchdowns and Miles lead the team in receptions and yards.The majority of Miles catches were behind the line of scrimmage, but he makes the first tackler miss and has a second gear in the open field.

Prospects to Watch:

USC: QB #7 Matt Barkley, WR #2 Robert Woods, WR #9 Marquis Lee (Sophomore), OL #78 Khaled Holmes, DB #7 TJ McDonald, DB #21 Nickell Robey, DL #96 Wes Horton

2012 Draftees: OT #75 Matt Kalil (4th overall, Vikings), LB #8 Nick Perry (28th overall, Packers), TE/FB #40 Rhett Ellison (128th overall, Vikings)

Arizona State: RB #6 Cameron Marshall, WR #32 Jamal Miles, DT #90 Will Sutton, OLB/DE #5 Junior Onyeali, OLB #8 Brandon Magee

2012 Draftees: QB #17 Brock Osweiler (57th overall, Broncos), CB #3 Omar Bolden (101st overall, Broncos)

Arkansas's offensive weapons outlast the Gamecock's impressive defensive talent. Lack of confidence and experience at QB plagued South Carolina as well. Connor Shaw quickly runs from the pocket after checking his first look. There isn't pressure most of the time, but Shaw looks overwhelmed and the offense as a whole barely gains 200 total yards. Razorbacks Dennis Johnson and Jarius Wright each had over 100 total yards rushing/receiving and Johnson added another 130 and a TD on two kickoff returns. QB Tyler Wilson is not as polished as Matt Barkley, but they should make great comparison study over the course of the season. Both have tremendous weapons and both are expected to carry heavy expectations into the 2013 season.

Prospects to Watch:

South Carolina: RB #21 Marcus Lattimore, DE #98 Devin Taylor, LB #21 DeVonte Holloman, OL #55 TJ Johnson, S #36 DJ Swearinger

2012 Draftees: DB #5 Stephon Gilmore (10th overall, Bills), OLB/DE #6 Melvin Ingram (18th overall, Chargers), WR #1 Alshon Jeffery (45th overall, Bears), OT #73 Rokevious Watkins (150th overall, Rams), DB #26 Antonio Allen (242nd overall, Jets)

Arkansas: QB #8 Tyler Wilson, WR #11 Cobi Hamilton, TE #80 Chris Gragg, RB #7 Kniles Davis, RB #33 Dennis Johnson, LB #45 Alonzo Highsmith

2012 Draftees: OLB/DE #91 Jake Bequette (90th overall, Patriots), WR #3 Joe Adams (104th overall, Panthers), WR #4 Jarius Wright (118th overall, Vikings), WR #85 Greg Childs (134th overall, Vikings)

Both teams came into the Sugar Bowl known for their QBs, but the game turned into a defensive battle coming down to a missed field goal in overtime. While Michigan's Denard Robinson was the only QB to throw any touchdowns, he was not impressive as a passer. He's not likely to play any position outside QB in college, but he'll have to make the transition to a different skill position at the NFL level. Majority opinion holds that position is WR, but Robinson has a build (6' 197) and lateral speed to make an impact as a running back that can also play slot WR (maybe even learn how to return kicks, but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves). VT QB Logan Thomas won't have to make that drastic a transition to the NFL, but he is far for a finished product. He make some impressive throws on 3rd and long, but he isn't consistent in his decision making and is still too reliant on his athleticism instead of making progressions. He still shows top of the draft potential and will be closely monitored from now til his draft day.

Prospects to Watch:

Michigan: OT #77 Taylor Lewan, QB #16 Denard Robinson, RB #28 Fitzgerald Toussaint, WR #12 Roy Roundtree, DE #88 Craig Roh, DB #8 JT Floyd, DB #32 Jordan Kovacs

2012 Draftees: DT #68 Mike Martin (82nd overall, Titans), OL #50 David Molk (226th overall, Chargers), WR #21 Junior Hemingway (238th overall, Chiefs)

Virginia Tech: QB #3 Logan Thomas, WR #7 Marcus Davis, DE #99 James Gayle, DE #42 JR Collins, LB #51 Bruce Taylor, DB #17 Kyle Fuller

2012 Draftees: RB #4 David Wilson (32nd overall, Giants), DB #20 Jayron Hosley (94th overall, Giants), WR #19 Danny Coale (152nd overall, Cowboys)