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The UL Ragin' Cajun Burger Is Here, For Some Reason

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2012 is already shaping up to be a big year for eating your favorite college football team. First we had the college logo Pop Tarts, which allows you to shove your team straight in your mouth at the crack of dawn each morning. Now the University of Louisiana is presenting us with something more substantial -- and significantly more terrifying.

The Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Twitter feed announced on Monday that, thanks to a partnership with fast food chain Sonic, you can now get the world's first hamburger with an official school logo on the bun. There's a reason no one else is doing this. Take a look at this picture:


No, that's not a sticker you're seeing on that bun. That's some revolutionary food-ink. Breadprint. Starch-stamping. Food press. Taste type. Whatever term you want to use, dear lord this cannot be a good thing.

So go crazy, Ragin' Cajuns fans. Cram this in your taste-hole and let your eyes well with tears of pride. Or maybe that's just a heart attack. Is your left arm tingling? Stop raging (sorry, "ragin'") for a second and call an ambulance. Slow down.