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Broadway Joe Slams Jets

As if the New York Jets didn't already have enough problems. The only team yet to score a preseason touchdown can now add a broadside from Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath to a lengthy list of August distractions.

"I'm concerned with how the Jets are trying to build a team & win a championship" Namath told Adam Schein on Wednesday's Sirius XM Blitz show. "They seem more interested in the headlines."

The Jets invited the headlines when they traded for quarterback Tim Tebow and touching off the most passive aggressive quarterback controversy in recent history. Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano doubtlessly envisioned more success with Tebow mixed into his ground and pound approach. Namath offered a critique of Sparano's playbook too.

Unleashing the wildcat may be too strong a term based on the timidity of the Jets' offense, but they have yet to reveal what will surely become their signature play during the preseason.

It's tough to disagree with Broadway Joe about the wildcat, which makes it that much tougher to agree with the conciliatory tone he took at the end of the interview. Namath told Schein that he still sees the Jets winning "nine or 10 games" based on the defense.

I don't know. Even in the AFC that may be a stretch. Thoughts?