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NFL Roster Cuts: Who Are The Top Players To Hit The Market So Far?

NFL teams are cutting players left and right ahead of Friday night's deadline. Which available players could help another team?

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NFL teams are filling their Friday with a furious round of roster cuts to meet the league's 9 p.m. ET deadline to go from 75 to 53 players. For armchair general managers, and real ones too, that means more than 700 players are hitting the market on Friday, kicking off a small tidal wave of free agent moves in the hopes of beefing up rosters before the season starts next week.

So which players cut so far could be the most attractive to teams?

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Brian Hoyer, QB - He and Ryan Mallet were locked in a battle to be Tom Brady's backup through the preseason. It was a mild surprise that New England was unable to find any takers on the trade market for the Michigan State product. He should land with a new team pretty quickly.

Seneca Wallace, QB - A Mike Holmgren favorite is out of work in Cleveland. The biggest shock here is that the Browns opted to keep Colt McCoy after all the rumors about dealing him. Wallace fits that other prototype as a backup: the aged veteran who understands his main task is to hold the clipboard and don't screw up if he gets into a game.

Deion Branch, WR - The Patriots had no sacred cows on Friday. The addition of Brandon Lloyd buried Branch on the depth chart. At 32, he isn't going to be much more than a steady second or third receiver, but there are plenty of teams in desperate need of that.

Dan Koppen, C - Koppen has been snapping the ball to Tom Brady since 2003. He does not want to retire, and could catch on with a team like the Cowboys or Titans who need help at the position.

Tim Hightower, RB - Was it just this week that many still had him pegged to be Mike Shanahan's starting running back of the moment? He is coming off ACL surgery less, and just doesn't have much left to give.

Joselio Hanson, CB - The guy made a name for himself as a career third corner, and a good one at that. He excels in a nickel role, which means he'll be working again very soon.

Rock Cartwright, RB - San Francisco was loaded with burly runners already, and Cartwright's release means a reprieve for Anthony Dixon. Being able to play special teams adds value.

Marvin McNutt, WR - This might be one of the more shocking cuts to me. A talented player from Iowa, McNutt could develop into a solid possession receiver.

Evan Moore, TE - I probably would have dropped Ben Watson before Moore, without looking at the financials on the two. He caught 72 percent of the passes thrown his way last year, 34 catches for 324 yards and four touchdowns.

David Sims, S - Cutting Sims and Moore says all you need to know about why there will be leadership changes in Cleveland after this season. These are talented guys, too talented to give up on for a roster like the one the Browns have. Sims had a very strong preseason, picking off two passes and taking one in for six points as the third safety.

The decision get tougher as the clock nears 9 p.m., especially once teams give up on trying to trade players. When that happens, there will be plenty more notable names on the market.

Which roster casualties are catching your eye?

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