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Rickie Fowler Goes All Michael Phelps On Bubba Watson

With the 2016 Olympics welcoming golf back to the fold after a hiatus of 112 years, Tiger Woods and other PGA Tour stars have signaled their desires to tee it up for their countries in the world games. Rickie Fowler, however, may have missed the memo, clarifying that he and his cronies would be playing golf and not trying out for the swim team.

Fowler, who’s hanging out with Watson and his wife, Angie, and son, Caleb, during PGA Championship week, showed off his aquatic derring-do, which @bubbawatson captured with his videocam and shared with his nearly 665,000 Twitter followers.

Some of us oldsters may have seen Fowler’s career flash before our eyes as he performed his high-wire jump (no doubt, the same type of stunt a Phil Mickelson fan pulled on Monday) and backflip, but hey, the kid’s only 23. And the southern Californian’s been known to take a swan dive or two and pop a few wheelies on his motocross bike, though we’re sure he used a stunt double for his Puma moto-golf commercial.

Still -- yikes, Rickie.