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FAMU Finds Drum Major Responsible For His Death By Hazing

Florida A&M University has filed a response to the wrongful death lawsuit of Robert Champion, a 26-year-old drum major who lost his life in a tragic hazing incident.

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The family of Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion, who lost his life as a result of hazing in November 2011, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the university. According to the Orlando Sentinel, FAMU responded to the lawsuit by saying that the 26-year-old was responsible for his own death:

"Respectfully, as a 26 year old adult and leader in FAMU's band, Mr. Champion should have refused to participate in the planned hazing event and reported it to law enforcement or University administrators. Under these circumstances, Florida's taxpayers should not be held financially liable to Mr Champion's Estate for the ultimate result of his own imprudent, avoidable and tragic decision and death."

Champion had signed an anti-hazing pledge months before the brutal beating had taken place, which assumes he was well aware of the dangers of hazing. At least a dozen former members of the Marching 100 have been charged with felony hazing in the drum major's death.

The entire band was suspended after the incident.