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This Week In GIFs: Cussing, Falling Down, And Taking A Nap

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The NFL is back and roughly the same as ever, which of course means that there are plenty of awesome GIFs to be had. Vote, and help us determine the best of the week.


After a zero-week absence, THIS WEEK IN GIFs returns! It's Week 17, and it's also the first week to feature meaningful NFL activity. We've got naps. We've got stink-faces. We've got armclappin' and rated-PG cussin' and pithy chyrons and all sorts of dang things. It's a good one, folks.

Voting will remain open until 11 p.m. Eastern Sunday. Enjoy!



(Via Bill Hanstock's Week in Worst)

Josh Harrison went to the fair hoping to win a baseball in his glove, fell victim to the un-showered carney that is "baseball fate," and went home with no glove at all. It's a sad story, but he's not the star.

It's that chyron, man. "AGH"? No way that's an acronym for Allegheny Sports Medicine. I do not accept AlleGHeny Sports Medicine as a valid acronym. I will cop to not having watched many Pirates broadcasts, though. Maybe they do have a branded "AGH Cam" feature that shows players going like AAAAAAAGHHHH in slow motion.



(Via Bill Hanstock's Week in Worst)

Professional athletes' reaction times are quicker than ours, of course, and you can see it in how quickly they express disgust after they screw up. I'm fascinated whenever I see it. Maybe Donald Brown is throwing up his arms in reaction to the dropped ball that has totally not hit the ground yet. Or maybe he's lamenting a botched toss right in Week 13, in which Andrew Luck has abandoned football to study carpentry and Marques Tuiasosopo is starting behind center for the Colts. You just never know.



(Via @bubbaprog)

Day 47. Still stranded halfway up the mountain. Supplies running out. Henderson has resorted to clapping to roust the morale of the men. Unfortunately he is the most horrible clapper ever and does not even know how to clap really. Needless to say this is not working. I fear we may perish on this godforsaken rock. I probably should have brought a backpack full of stuff or something.



Wait. Bullcrap? I guess it makes sense. Jim Harbaugh has undoubtedly used "bullshit" so much that it's run out of ammo, so he has to reach for his sidearm. Aim wisely, Jim. If you run out of this, you'll have nothing but a melee weapon ("bullpucky").



(Via Matt Ufford's Fumblr)

Neat story alert! Back in the day, 49ers kicker David Akers worked as a substitute teacher at a Louisville middle school. (By all accounts, he was one of the cool substitute teachers who didn't even try to make anyone do any work.) I was watching this game with a couple of friends who were in his class, so when it was revealed that the Niners were setting up for an NFL record-tying, 63-yard field goal, we MARKED OUT.

And man, the field goal itself was one of the most suspenseful I've ever seen. It didn't make the "doink" noise we always casually apply to field goals that knock off the post. It was this loud, "BONNNGGGGG." It floated in the air for what seemed like five minutes before finally landing on the friendly side. Holy Hell that was awesome, and so is David Akers.



(Click image to view. Via @bubbaprog)




(Via Matt Ufford's Fumblr)

He even had a minute to gather himself, too! It's like he was trying to achieve the proper level of poise before executing the technically-daunting "drop the ball, only harder than usual" maneuver.


(Via Grant Brisbee)

This is a radio interview, so it only barely counts, but I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone fall asleep on a live video broadcast. And man, I get it. It's September. You gotta find some way to obsess over baseball and football simultaneously, the days are getting shorter, the allergies are bad, you have to stop wearing shorts, and every "oh God I'm 15 and have to start getting up at 6:00 to catch the school bus" bell inside you is ringing at a fever pitch. There's no time to sleep, save for the 30-second windows in which other people are talking. Make the most of them. They're probably not saying anything important anyway.