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FIFA Reveal 2014 World Cup Mascot

FIFA are making waves for the 2014 World Cup by announcing that a new Pokemon will be the mascot of the tournament. The creature, whose official name hasn't yet been chosen, is based on the Brazilian three-banded armadillo, indigenous to the eastern part of the country.

Brazilian football legend and underground Pokemon trainer Ronaldo was thrilled with the news, saying "I’m delighted to welcome such an important member to my team. For years, I've been looking for a way to beat my opponents and become a Pokemon master. This is one little guy I'll absolutely be spending an Ultra Ball on!"

Details haven't been officially released, but expect the new critter to be a new twist on the common rock/ground typing, one which focuses on offensive power rather than being an ace defender like Geodude or Onix. Don't worry, though -- word has it that, like the armadillo, the new mascot will be able to switch attack for defence with a drop (or should we say 'curl'?) of a hat.

Catch him in 2014, where his 4x grass-type weakness will result in some amusing scenes on the football pitch!