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Shaun White Arrested, Perhaps For Being TOO Extreme

X Games athlete, Olympic gold medalist and world's best snowboarder Shaun White was arrested in Nashville on Sunday for public intoxication and vandalism. But we prefer to think of it as "exceeding amounts of extreme allowable by law."

TMZ and WTVF-TV in Nashville both provided White's mug shot, which features the shreddin' superstar with a hella gnarly black eye.


According to TMZ, White allegedly pulled a hotel fire alarm while drunk, then kicked a guy who chased after him as he fled. No word on whether he was slamming Mountain Dew Code Red and pounding a massive quantity of Nacho Cheese Doritos, or "hella 'Reets" as it's known in snowboarding circles.

For some added context, here is a pair of tweets that were exchanged on Sunday prior to the incident and arrest.

My best guess is that White attempted to play a prank on The Rock by asking if he smelled smoke. When that backfired and White realized it was hard to play that prank over Twitter, particularly with someone in a different geographic location, White resorted to the fire alarm stunt. Again, that's merely an extremely educated guess.


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